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Agile Grip Rubberized Agility Kits !

NOTE: After going through the Paypal Screens, you will be directed back to the shopping cart screen to complete the order. The screen will show your order BUT there will be a


button at the bottom. After clicking this button, your screen will
then show the order along with the transaction ID.

Taxes will be charged according to your selected province for shipping.
BC:5GST-7 PST, ON-NB-NL:13 HST, AB-YT:5 GST, SK: 5GST +5PST, MB: 5GST+7PST, PE: 5GST+9PST, QC: 9.975 QST, NS: 15 HST

Payment can be made with a credit card after clicking the PayPal button. You don't have to have a PayPal account.

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