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Agileprimer-$24.99 -One Quart

Agileprimer-$24.99 -One Quart Image

Agileprimer is a specially formulated primer that you would apply to brand new bare plywood. Most plywood purchases today are economical, as it is made of softwood. The nature of the plywood production gives you "grains" in the finished result. Usually, 25% of your panel will have a softer grain than the rest. Often, 10% of your panel will have a "very" soft grain that may create a "soak in" spot on your panel. After you prep the panel with colour (as directed in the instructions,... and not using standard primer and paint!!!), you apply a thin coat of Agileprimer with a brush and let it dry overnight. Next day, you will readily see the soft grain areas. Give these sections a thicker, second coat of Agileprimer, and let this also dry overnight.
The best plywood available is "Marine Grade plywood". It will be made of a much stronger composite material, it is made with waterproof laminate, and it can be a hardwood, . This choice of wood will not require Agileprimer as long as it is hardwood.

One can of Agile Primer will cover approximately 65 Square feet, per coating.

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